About Mighty River Sales

MRSpicMighty River Sales is made up an amazing group of women (and some men) who are just like you!  We are Moms, Dads, Grandmas, Aunts, Sisters and just plain old “family people”!  Many of us have careers and other interests besides Tupperware. We also have many military members and spouses in our group and our team spans all across United States.  Our “Home Base” is St. Louis, Missouri but we do business everywhere!

Many of us began Tupperware because we liked the product and someone “talked us into it”. However, once joining this great company, we soon realized the potential of being part of Tupperware.  So many of my great team leaders started Tupperware with the same questions, worries and concerns that you might have, such as:

  • Will I have a quota?
  • Will there be pressure to sell?
  • Will this interfere with my time for family?
  • Can I really make money in a business like Tupperware?
  • Is Tupperware really relevant today?

After joining Tupperware, so many on my team realized that by being part of the Tupperware Company, they were able to quit full time jobs, take their kids out of daycare and be home based.  To make full time income in Tupperware requires dedication and work, but what a full time income in Tupperware can offer to a family is more than income, it is a lifestyle!

While having a full time career in Tupperware is a possibility for everyone, don’t let that scare you.  We have many options and you are in charge.  Your business can be as big or as small as you want it to be.  You can do it some-time, part-time or full-time.  You can earn spare time money, part time money or Executive money!  It’s ALL up to you!  Even with an hour a week you can earn enough pocket money to do something special for yourself like a once a month massage, or dinner out with your family or a date night with your spouse.

Why not let Tupperware help you earn extra cash for things you don’t always do for yourself!  And the best part????  You will have fun along with way! Not everyone in our group wants to make this a career!  As the leader of Mighty River Sales, I believe it is my job to help you make as much money as possible for what you are willing to do!  What you are willing to do is what is right for you!  Regardless of your choice, you will still be able to realize so many of our perks and benefits!

I am so proud of our team; we are a support system.  We encourage each other, we teach each other, we share ideas and goals… we empower each other!  We are positive, enthusiastic and are one of the top performing groups in North America!  We have many people who earn great incomes, incentives and vehicles!  IT’S AMAZING! And just for “selling” Tupperware!

Watching people take advantage of the little things and the big things that Tupperware has to offer is the BEST part of my job!  Watching people who were a little hesitant to join our company and then grow and take advantage of the BIG things; priceless!

And the best part!  Anyone can join us, and see how it works for their family!  Why not give it the “60 Day Challenge”.  Talk to your consultant or ask me about it!  You have NOTHING to lose and a great, freedom filled future to gain!

Oh, and one more thing….we like to have FUN!!! Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have questions or for more information!


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