Carolyn Jones – Star Director

CarolynI’d like to introduce myself; I am Tupperware Star Director, CAROLYN JONES.  I started Tupperware in March, 1982.  I currently live in Lake St Louis, Missouri with my husband Jim, known as Jimmy.  We’ve been married 47 years and have 2 children. Our son, Keith was 12 when I started Tupperware and Lori, our daughter, was 9.
We lovingly call our children “Tupper-Brats” for all the gifts and  trips  we earned  for them over the years.
I’m proud to say my Tupperware business paid for schooling for both Keith, who attended, St Louis University High School and Lori, who attended St. Thomas Aquinas High School and  both attended  Southwest Missouri State University and St. Louis University.  Our son, Keith is an airline pilot and our daughter Lori is in criminal justice for the state of Missouri. We  have three Granddaughters, 7 year old Twins Elizabeth (Libby) & Sophia (Sophie), and 21 month old Emma.
The name of my Tupperware Team is the “CRUISERS”  which was a take off from the name of my manager team name, the “Salers”.  I became a manager one year after starting my Tupperware business and had my promotion at Spring Sessions in Memphis Tennessee.    What an exciting time for me; I earned my first car to drive, a blue and silver Oldsmobile station wagon at that time.
Did Jimmy believe I was getting a car to drive?  NO!  But he sure found out!  And  I got a new car every 2 years for all these years…one of the many perks with my Tupperware business, along with the many trips I’ve earned…Florida, Mexico, Hawaii and the list goes on!
My favorite part of my job is to  recruit, help to train,  build,  and promote new Managers and Directors.  I’m proud to have promoted my latest Director,  Bev Engelke, in December 2013.
 I have met and made so many wonderful friends over the many years in Tupperware.  For a mid-west girl from Florissant, Missouri to meet Gaylon Olson, President of Tupperware in 1982, to managers from New York, California, Hawaii, North Dakota, Florida,  Texas and of course, Missouri; it was something bigger than I ever thought would ever happen to me.    Thank You Tupperware!

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