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IMG_5511LaVon Canning – Director with Tupperware

Hi!  My name is LaVon Canning.  My husband, Rolland, and I just celebrated 41 years of marriage.  We live on our family farm in Marissa, IL.  We have four children and seven grandchildren.  I am a stay at home mom and grandma with a Tupperware business.

I will never forget my first Tupperware party–I was 8, and the Tupperware party was 12 years old.  And so began my love of Tupperware.  Little did I know that it would take 50 years for someone to offer me the Tupperware opportunity.

In December of 2008, my daughter Emily Boeckmann, asked me to join her team.  Her dad and I discussed it at great length as I was very content doing what I was doing–nothing.  After four college graduations and three weddings, I was enjoying our empty nest.  However, we decided that it would be good to have something to keep me occupied.  So I said yes with this one stipulation–I never wanted to sell Tupperware–just help her!  I went to a couple of her parties; helped her set up, answer questions while she took the orders.  This went on for about two months.

Do you remember how the economy tanked in February of 2009?  My husband’s job situation was in jeopardy.  Thoughts were running through my mind about getting a job to see us through this time.  Mentioning this to Emily, she said, “Mom, why don’t you do a Tupperware party?”  Really?  Me do a party?  At my age?  Finally, agreeing, but I made it absolutely clear that I was never going to recruit anyone.  It took about 2 weeks to think of someone to ask to host a party, and another 3 weeks to sum up the courage to ask a if she would host a party for me.  She agreed, and in May of 2009, I held my first party–a $1000 party with 3 bookings.  This just had to be beginners luck; I was way too old to start a new business.  Work for my husband resumed back to normal after about six weeks, so thinking I would just do those couple of parties, and then retire from Tupperware, as I was just too old!

Part of having your own Tupperware business is all the training and support you receive!  Attending meetings and monthly rallies gave me the confidence to journey on.  At one of the meetings, our LED, Barb Braden, announced a Tupperware trip to Hemingway, S.C. and how you could earn it for two people!  You may not know this, but Hemingway is famous for two reasons:  It is where our manufacturing plant and distribution center (Yes, Tupperware is still made in the USA!) and it is near Myrtle Beach!  Doing some quick mental math and thought, I could do this.  Every year since 1972 we would take a vacation and my husband would work extra to make this happen.  I wondered, wouldn’t it be something to earn this trip and treat him to a vacation?  Age did not seem to matter then, as I wanted to earn this trip!

Working towards my goal of earning the trip to Hemingway, I qualified for a free Jubilee registration.  Jubilee is Tupperware’s larger than life convention.  It is usually held in Orlando as that is where our home office is located.   Bidding the family goodbye, I was on my way to Orlando.  My first plane ride in 25 years.  Little did I know how that Jubilee would change my life!  Being recognized as one of the top 10 qualifiers on their way to Hemingway was pretty exciting!

However, the defining hour came when women from all lifestyles gave their testimony about how the Tupperware opportunity had changed their lives.  Realizing that I was wrong about not sharing the opportunity as who was I to decide for a person what opportunities might be in their future– I resolved to begin sharing with others the Tupperware opportunity and how it could change their lives as it has changed mine.

Earning that trip for two to Hemingway was a dream come true.  What fun we had!  Before I knew it, I had been selling Tupperware for a year and earned another trip for two to Jubilee complete with accommodations at the Wild Kingdom.  It was at this Jubilee in 2010 that I set my goal of becoming a director.

A common joke among my family was “to not sit by mom as you will wind up selling Tupperware”.  It was pretty much on target. I recruited and booked parties, did vendor shows, and talked to everyone!  If something wasn’t working, I would change it till it did work.   My dream of becoming a director happened in May of 2011.  I was able to take my husband on another big trip–this time to Hawaii.  All paid for by Tupperware.

My proudest moment came in 2012, when inducted into the Tupperware WOW–Wildly Outrageous Wins–Achiever Hall of Fame, Number 237.  This honor came with a major award: it was hard to decide between that Mustang Convertible, or the beautiful travel trailer, or the set of his and her Harleys–or a $25,000 cash option which is what I choose.   Tupperware hosted an event honoring me with this award.  It was a fabulous celebration!  No one can achieve a goal like this on their own; I am so thankful for the support of my family, directors, party hostesses, and everyone on my team.

Complications from surgery and other health issues have prevented my husband from working most of 2012 and part of 2013.  In all that time, it is the earnings from Tupperware that supported us.  Amazing isn’t it, that something I thought I was too old to do has made such a difference in our lives.

I have shared with you my story since starting my Tupperware business.  It started out with the goal of earning a little extra money and earning a trip to realizing that you are never as old as you think you are.  Then finding joy in helping other women bringing out qualities and helping them build a satisfying business and building a team as a director.  Supporting my family through a major crisis.  It is amazing to think four years ago I could not imagine having a Tupperware business, let alone finding such great success!

Are you looking for new direction in your life?  Needing to earn a little, or a lot, of extra money to help your family? Wanting to be in control of your own life? It can happen to you!  We are committed at Mighty River Sales to help you feel confident and rewarded with your decision to embrace a new opportunity for you and your family!  Come join us today!




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