Bev Engelke – Director

bevBev Engelke: Director

I became a Tupperware Consultant in April 2012 after my son graduated from college.  I had  “empty-nest syndrome” and wanted to help him with his college loans.  I’ve been married for 33 years and my husband is employed in agriculture.  I attended college at Southern IL University and left there to begin a career in insurance that has lasted 41 years.  As I neared retirement age my plan was to become the local Tupperware lady – nothing more.

The excitement in selling Tupperware is infectious!  As I began having parties I met others who wanted to join too.  By August of that year I was a Manager and in January 2014 I became a Director.   Along the way I’ve met amazing people and my teammates are my family and friends.  Tupperware has given us the opportunity to have those little extras in our life such as vacations and spending a little more time at Target and knowing I still have grocery money.    After one year I earned  an all-expense paid trip to Hollywood.  I also have lots of nice new Tupperware and stainless steel cookware!  The rewards keep coming.  There is a great support system and all of the training I need or want.  Our meetings are lots of fun and I look forward to them.   I really am looking forward to retiring now so I can spend more time on Tupperware.  This little hobby has turned into the most fun I’ve ever had working!  But the biggest satisfaction was seeing the look on my now grown son’s face when he learned I had become a Director.  He had always thought I was just a Mom!

I chose Tupperware out of all the direct sales companies because my Mother and older sister had sold it.  My sister did it with two young children and had driven a Tupperware car.  It’s fun to see the items I grew up with still being used in homes today.  I know I’m creating memories with the items I am selling.  Tupperware has the best warranty and it is a product that has withstood time and only gotten better.  I’m proud to be a Tupperware Consultant and know that I’m supplying people with the best value for their money.

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