Deanna Geppert – Director

DeannaDeanna Geppert: Director from Coulterville, IL

Hi!  My name is Deanna (Stewart) Geppert.  I was born and raised in a rural area in Southern Illinois.  My family lived on a hobby farm south of Coulterville.  I went to school there all the way through and graduated with a class of 30 students!  Love my small town roots!

I attended McKendree College after high school and graduated in 2001 with a Bachelor of Business Administration, major in Marketing and a minor in Art.

I still live in the rural Coulterville area (just north of town now! Lol) and am married and have two children.

I am so grateful that I joined this awesome company in November of 2012.  It has proven to be something that I didn’t even know I wanted or needed.  I started my business on a whim.  I wanted some product for my own home, I wanted a little extra grocery money and I wanted a little “me” time.  I was a full time working mother of two.  I was a wife.  I was a mom.  I was a bookkeeper.  I just wanted a little time out of the house to be me…. And this seemed like a practical way to get that time.  What did I have to lose?

I quickly realized that there was so much more potential for me with this company.  My “why” quickly changed!  I was getting product for my home, money in my pocket and having FUN doing it!!!  I began building my team and assessing my goals.  Within 6 months, I promoted to director and was able to quit my full time job.  My extra money had replaced my full time income.  This business has allowed me to stay home with my children, make every Little League game and volunteer for field trips, among many other things!  And, even with my flexible schedule, I’m helping financially support my family!!

In addition to the full time income, I’ve also gained a support system that’s unreal!  We not only help each other with our businesses, but we care.  We are a Tupper-Family!  I’ve also earned numerous products and rewards, including an iPad and a trip to Hollywood!  This summer, I will also be taking my family of 4 to Disney World on Tupperware’s dime!  I’ve never worked for a more rewarding company!  I love what I do!  My Tupperware journey has taken me from an employee to an entrepreneur. 😉

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