Denise Childress – Director

IMG_5527Denise Childress; Director of the Diamond Team

My name is Denise Childress.  I am the mother of 4 and grandmother of 12 and I live in the countryside of Illinois.  My favorite thing to do is travel and spend time with my family and grandkids!

I started my Tupperware business in October 2004.   I needed Tupperware so I called a Tupperware person to sign up, just to be a discount buyer.  The first 2 years I only sold to friends and family, collected orders and did catalog parties.  I was working a job, putting in 45 hours a week, so I didn’t have time for parties.  In 2008 I lost my job and decide to do Tupperware full time.  Within a year I moved myself up to the Director position and earned a complete technology package to help me do great team meetings.  Life happened, I later lost my Director team, but have since rebuilt it and am once again the proud leader of the Diamond Team!  That’s one great thing about this job; how far and how fast you go up the ladder is up to you, and if you have a setback you can always climb up again. No one can fire you or say we are going to demote you because you can’t do the job.  Where you end up is all in your own hands!

I have made so many friends through Tupperware; not only other local Tupperware consultants, but consultants all over the country and in Canada.  Many of my host and customers are more friends than customers.  I have receive Birthday cards from my customers.   After my husband’s recent death many “customers” where at his visitation.  So the friendship you make through Tupperware will last a lifetime and that is a treasure!

I have people on my team whose lives have changed because of Tupperware.  The money of course helped them all, but some of them are more confident and can now speak in front of people because of doing Tupperware parties.  I’ve also helped team members get out of debt using their party profits.  I am very proud of that!  And I LOVE helping my host earn FREE Tupperware by hosting a party.  That makes me happy!

I love the friendship, the traveling, the fun parties, and the fun meetings with Tupperware.  It is a big part of my life and can be a big (or little) part of your life also.  It is all up to you.  What do you want to put in it?  How far up the ladder do you want to go?




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