Dolores Nordman – 2 Star Director

Dolores wall pic (2)I came into this business when I moved to St. Louis from New Jersey 43 years ago.

I joined to meet people.  My husband traveled with his job and also put in long hours which made it very lonely for me.  Our children were 1 1/2 years and 3 1/2 years old.  My days were busy with my children, my nights were long when my husband traveled. I always had Tupperware parties during my marriage, because I loved the product.

I always thought I would enjoy selling Tupperware.  I decided to call Tupperware after living in St. Louis only 3 months and find out how I could join. Here I am today with a fabulous career.  My job was always flexible.  I could work when I wanted and work it around my family.  It always made me feel good.  When mom is happy the family is happy.  I have been driving a company car for over 40 years; Tupperware pays the taxes, license and insurance.  I have earned free trips with my husband from Tupperware and was treated like royalty on our trips for all these years.  This job enabled me to teach my children goal setting and positive thinking. It allowed me to purchase a 35 ft Envision boat for our lake home.  What a great feeling that was to surprise my husband for Christmas.

My life changed over 2 years ago when my best friend, love of my life, died suddenly after 46 years of marriage.  This company, the friends I made from this job rallied around me and helped me through this hard time.  They made my transition easier.

Today I can say if I were in the corporate world, at my age I would no longer have a job.  They would say I am too old and make too much money.  I can do Tupperware as long as I want.

I can now take care of myself being on my own and yes I have a retirement account as a self-employed person.

 It is a real job.

Come join me in the company of friends and have fun making serious money!

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