What is the Tupperware Party all about?

Tupperware PartyTupperware has been partying for over 65 years and although it’s not “Your Grandma’s Tupperware” anymore, it’s still about friends getting together, sharing quick, easy tips for food preparation, using and experiencing Tupperware in new ways and best of all, some good old fashion “giggle” time!

Have you been to a TupperTini Party?  A Salsa Party?  A Girls Night In Party?  Would you like to learn now to make healthy meals using SMART cooking tips?  Do you need to organize your pantry?  Are you single and just need to figure out how to stop wasting so much food each week?  There are so many different themes to our parties!  Some have recipes, some have solutions, ALL have FUN for you and your guests!!  Be the host!  Let us spoil you with gifts and bonuses so that you can have our newest products in your home for free!

Contact me today and I can connect you with one of our best Tupperware party professionals.  You’ll have the best party ever!!

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