Yucky Day Outside? Make Chili Inside!

By Deanna Geppert: Director from Coulterville, IL

chiliToday, making chili, I started with some home-canned chili base, tomato juice and diced tomatoes.  I placed in my Tupperware Chef Series 12 qt stock pot and began simmering.  In my Tuppwerware stack cooker, I placed the strainer inside the 3 qt casserole and added my venison burger.

Microwaves vary, but a good rule of thumb is about 6 min/ lb for cooking meats.  I usually cook it in 2 or 3 min intervals stopping to “chop it up” in between cooking times.


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Tupperware Stack Cooker… especially for this use!  Here’s a pretty yucky picture, the “grossology” of the matter if you will 🙂

muckThat is the “muck” that cooked out of my burger.  The Tupperware Stack Cooker is really an extremely healthy way of cooking your burger.  All of the grease and fat drains away!  I’ve not cooked burger in a skillet, period, since owning my Tupperware Stack Cooker!! (Keep in mind this is low fat venison burger… imagine if it were beef!)

While I was cooking the burger, I was using my Tupperware can opener to open cans of chili beans and kidney beans and add to my simmering mixture.  I then added the burger and stirred it all up with my Tupperware Saucy Silicone Spatula!  I also seasoned to taste with salt and pepper, chili powder and a little Tupperware Southwest Chipotle seasoning.  (Not a lot of seasoning is needed since I start with my home-made chili base)

I ended up with a beautiful pot full of delicious chili!

And, if you’re wondering… no, my family of 4 does not eat this much chili at one meal! J  We do however, love the leftovers!  I can easily freeze portions in my Tupperware vent ‘n serve, for easy re-heating!!

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